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No MultiPhotoChooserTask for Windows Phone?

This is the reason I want to build up a MultiPhotoChooser lib for my project and any others who would need a multi-photo chooser functionality in their app.

Use it like native PhotoChooser API.

To make it easy to use and understand. I've build it like native chooser but has the ability to do multiple photo selection and return the result like native API does.

You can help to make it better.

I am new to windows phone and there should be a lot of improvement could be adopt to this library. Please do advice, comment or help to improve the code.

Share your implementation using this library.

I would like to hear from your about the work that benefit from this library. Do share with us about how you leveraged this library to make an awesome app.

Please download my APP : SweetShot and give me an advice.

SweetShot is a photo sharing app for couples (but you could use it as well even if you are single right now), this is the app that needs this kind of library made me want to build this lib and contribute to others.  Try out my app and give me any advice or suggestion that I would surely be appreciated.

(SweetShot had been out of support now, hope you all enjoy using this library.)

 Example :



Release Note for 30159:

- Performance improved by limit loading pictures by 28 at a time.


Release Note for 29387:

- UI layout modified

- Performance improved

Album likeLazily instantiate photos.Quick to see what you've selected.


Feel free to contact me if you have any question about this library :

My Blog about project management and some indie development :

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